Know your strengths

A man walked into a bar with a dog and said to the bartender, “My dog can talk.”

“I tell you what,” said the bartender, “If your dog can talk, I’ll give you a free round of beer.”

“OK,” said the man.

The man turned round and asked his dog, “What does sandpaper feel like?”

“Ruff,” said the dog.

“What covers the trunk of a tree?”

“Bark,” said the dog.

“What do you have on top of a house?”

“Wrooof,” said the dog.

“OK,” said the bartender, “Take this beer and get out of here.”

The man and the dog went to a park bench where they sat silently sipping the beer. Eventually the dog turned to the man and said, “You know, I don’t think they liked our show, but I’m not sure why.”

Moral: You may sometimes feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but that could be because you are only exercising a very small set of your full capabilities.

The authentic self is the you that can be found at your absolute core. It is the part of you that is not defined by your job, or your function, or your role. It is the composite of all your unique gifts, skills, abilities, interests, talents, insights, and wisdom. It is all of your strengths and values that are uniquely yours and need expression, versus what you have been programmed to believe that you are “supposed” to be and do.

You may get a much warmer welcome by doing things that you are not expected to be able to do, instead of just doing the things that people think you can do.

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