Work-life balance checker

In order to have a great work-life balance you need to go through periods of

  • Activity and rest
  • High energy and low energy
  • Involvement and standing back

So that you can move between your high-energy state and your low-energy state, you will first need to make a clear separation between your professional life and your home life. Once you make this distinction, you will find that you will be able to decide when to emotionally enter the super-charged office life and when to emotionally leave the office, for your life of relaxation and “personal focus” at home.

It’s a bit like a racing car engine, you may accelerate to overtake, but if you keep your internal engine going at full rev, you will burn out and crash somewhere along the line.

Check how hard you are revving your internal engine…


Regaining your balance

The reason that people involve themselves heavily in their work is because they want to experience self-actualisation; they want to feel that they are accomplishing something important and exciting. However this can become a trap; the self-actualisation experienced at work can become a run-away success and lead you away from your inner-self.

Don’t let success go to your head: If you don’t keep your feet on the ground, and your mind together, you could easily lose everything that you worked hard for.

Think Your Way to Success, By Pamela Cooper, page 32

In order to live a full life, there must be positive feedback between your personal life and your work life.

If the bustle at work makes you appreciate the serenity of your personal life, and the stability of your personal life is the reference point to measure the meaning of the success you experience at work, you will achieve resonance between your professional accomplishments and your inner harmony.

One thought on “Work-life balance checker

  1. A nice instrument to realise how I stand in the balance between work and private life!
    The result was very positive and did me realise that I’am a very happy and satisfied at the moment.

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